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MLS Mortgage has rebranded to Zyng Mortgage

MLS Mortgage was established in 2003 as a small family-run business. We were founded on a core belief that as we grew, every new client or member of our team became an extension of our family. To this day, this simple premise keeps us focused on building an internal culture and client experience fit for our own mothers. You have been a valued member of the MLS Mortgage family for some time now and we wanted you to be one of the first to know about some exciting news.

Over the past 18 years, a lot of things have changed: our cars run on electricity and drive themselves; you can order just about anything through an app on your phone, and the SF Giants have won 3 World Series titles…yet one thing remains…securing a mortgage is not fun or easy.

This brings us to our exciting news – for the first time, we have established a very lofty, potentially unattainable, industry-changing vision for our company – To make mortgages fun and easy. Since our current name, MLS Mortgage, does not quite capture the intent of our new vision, and to solidify our commitment to you and this new direction, we are officially changing our name. Introducing ZYNG Mortgage.

While ZYNG Mortgage is not destined to be your typical mortgage company, we are still grounded in the same core family values upon which MLS Mortgage was built, and driven by the same, hard-working family of the past. Through investments in proprietary technology and personnel; strategic partnerships with 3rd parties who share our vision, and the most client-led experience in the industry, ZYNG Mortgage stands with one mission: to make getting a mortgage everything it should be – amazyng.

This is an exciting time for our family and we look forward to your support and input as we embark on this journey. In the meantime, you will continue to see MLS Mortgage from time to time as we complete our transition to ZYNG Mortgage.

Our vision, and commitment to you, are more ambitious than ever. Welcome to ZYNG Mortgage!

Josh Borba, President (Ultra Runner and Beer Enthusiast)

NMLS #76821

Mike Borba, CEO (⚾Player and Wine Enthusiast)

NMLS #76819

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